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iClass is a set of real-time interactive e-learning platform on cloud. It focuses on enhancing the interactivity of teaching and learning in the classroom. iClass is a technology transferred from the e-Learning Technology Development Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong.
Licensed From
HKU Technology Transfer Office
Developed by
HKU e-Learning Technology Development Laboratory
Mr. Eric Au Yeung
Mr. Ken Law
Mr. Alan Chiang
Mr. Paul Wong
Mr. Shravan Sunderraman
Mr. Brian Ho
Mr. Mok Ka Hei
Prize and Awards
  • Special Mention,Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 (Best Lifestyle Award)
  • Hong Kong Representatives of Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2012
  • Silver Award,Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 (Best Lifestyle Award)
  • Silver Award,Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 (Best Ubiquitous Networking Award)
  • First Prize,12th National Challenge Cup 2011:Dalian
  • Certificate of Merit,Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011 (Best Ubiquitous Networking Award)